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Spanish company Talgo is changing the rules of train travel in India! (1/2)

Talgo Train On 29th May 2016, India opened its railway infrastructure for an ambitious upgrade by running a trial of the Talgo train on the Bareilly-Moradabad-Saharanpur route. The Spanish high-speed passenger trains manufacturer has been given the opportunity to revolutionize the existing railway services by improving the speeds at which the passengers in India commute. The media has touted that these trains would be able to deliver a speed of about 200 kmph at peak performance. However, the speeds achieved in the trial runs by a series 9 (Talgo 9) train have not met the desired expectations. The initial trial saw the train achieve 80 kmph. In the second trial, the speed went up to 90 kmph. In the latest trials conducted with adjustments for Indian conditions, a maximum speed of 120 kmph was achieved without any complications. In the recent run on the Delhi to Mumbai Rajdhani route, Talgo saw a maximum speed of 140 kmph, completing the 1400 km journey in 12 hours and 7 m

Vedanta bags Best Exporter’s Award for the year 2014-15

The Directorate of Export Promotion & Marketing functions under the M.S.M.E. Department, Government of Odisha to promote the export of goods from Odisha and to provide marketing assistance to MSMEs of the State. Vedanta Ltd., Jharsuguda bagged the ‘Best Exporter’s Award for the year 2014-15’ in a felicitation ceremony organised by the MSME department in Bhubaneswar.  For the first time, Vedanta grabbed this prestigious award in recognition for the export of aluminum product, a coveted spot which is traditionally held by NALCO. The award was given by the State Finance Minister Pradip Amat, MSME Minister Jogendra Behera and the Principal Secretary, MSME Department LN Gupta who lauded the company’s achievement in its business. Mr. Arun Bhatt – Head Corporate Communications, Aluminium Business and Mr. Sarada Mohanty – General Manager, Taxation received the award on Vedanta’s behalf. Vedanta Ltd. has set up Aluminium smelter & refinery by spending more than Rs. 50

Jaguar Land Rover - Becoming a class apart through aluminum utilization

Anyone, car enthusiast or not, can go gaga over the looks of a “Jag”. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is the UK’s largest automotive manufacturing business. In 2008, 2 iconic brands - one of which made the world’s premier luxury sports saloon and sports car marques and the other manufactured the world’s leading premium all-wheel drive vehicles came together to become a formidable and a stellar car company after acquisition by Tata Motors. Jaguar C type The classy British car brand set shop in 1922 and has had many motorsports success under its belt since the ‘50s. The leaping feline is an iconic logo which has denoted just what the brand stands for – speed, power, and brilliance. Although the engineering prowess of the car manufacturer was amazing, the company was bogged down by failures in the market and eventually got acquired by the Tata group. It was a bold move which paid rich dividends, thanks to innovating designs and technologies that they adopted. JLR i

A brisk evening's discussion on Odisha's investment potential hosted by the Chairman

Hello there! I see you quite excited. What’s up? Well hello back to you! Haven’t you heard? The Chairman was here in Bhubaneswar! And I got to meet him. That’s so cool! What happened that day? The Chairman had organised an evening with the intellectual community of the state to discuss on Odisha as a superpower for having a tremendous investment potential. He also led the discussions on how development could be brought sooner in the state and how industries can play a crucial part in this. From left to right: 1st row: Shri Debi Prasad Mishra, Shri Anil Agarwal, Shri T.K Chand 2nd row: The esteemed guests, Shri Abhijit Pati, The delegates That’s such a nice topic for discussion. It concerns all of us. Who all were present? The Minister of Industries, School & Mass Education - Shri Debi Prasad Mishra was present along with Dr. T.K Chand, the CMD of NALCO. Other dignitaries and bureaucrats of the State were also present. The intellectual community

Chairman in Bhubaneswar - Meets with the Hon'ble CM and promises 100 crores for Kalahandi development

On 30 th August this year, Mr. Anil Agarwal, the Chairman of Vedanta Resources Plc. visited the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha Shri Naveen Patnaik at the State Secretariat in Bhubaneswar. After the brief meeting, the CM announced that the Government had decided to set up a medical college in Kalahandi to provide accessible healthcare facilities to the people. It would be a Government medical college and the infrastructure would be provided by the Vedanta group. The Chairman promised to partake in the development initiatives benefitting the people who really needed it in and around the region. He said that there is much necessity of the medical college being set up and he would mobilize an amount of Rs 100 crores for building the infrastructure required for the college which will be managed and run by the Government. Kalahandi and the surrounding districts are affected by poverty and malnutrition. Not much has changed for the people who still clamor for basic healthcare ameniti