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BharatBenz rolls out all-Aluminium interstate bus, Made in India

BharatBenz, a division of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles and a wholly owned subsidiary of the German manufacturer Daimler AG, is rolling out its new intercity coach buses in India. The 16-ton coach has been manufactured with an all-Aluminium body with an achievement of 90% localization for the manufacturing process of the buses. The coaches are manufactured in the company’s facility in Chennai. According to the company, the chassis was specialized for heavy duty interstate plying with much emphasis being given to higher fuel efficiency and safety of the passengers. This is what prompted them to go for an all-Aluminium body – always reliable and a better option than other heavy metals. The all- Aluminium body offers significant weight savings and allows for improved structural rigidity in the coaches. The 12-meter 16T bus model has been fabricated without any welded parts, and the lightweight structure not only gives extra strength to the body, it also provides extra st

Runaya Metsource & RUSAL JV to focus on Material Sciences and High-Tech Applications

Runaya Metsource, funded by Vedanta Group’s ‘principal shareholders’, and Russian aluminium billionaire Oleg Deripaska’s RUSAL are creating an equal joint venture for precision applications, such as rocket fuels, solar energy, and additive or 3D manufacturing.  Naivedya Agarwal, son of Navin Agarwal – Chairman of Vedanta Limited, will spearhead the joint venture in his independent capacity. Starting out with an initial capital of about $50 million, Naivedya’s maiden business venture Runaya Metsource will focus on material sciences and high-technology applications through global alliances and partnerships. The new company will produce high-end value-added aluminium pastes and powders to cater to applications primarily in additive technologies and solar energy, an executive said. Additive manufacturing refers to a process by which digital 3D design data are used to build up a component in layers by depositing material. The term ‘3D printing’ is increasingly used as a synonym for