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Boo Bicycles bind aluminium & bamboo for the ultimate ride

The Aluboo Bicycle Aluminium is one of the most eco-friendly metals in the world used in a multitude of applications – transportation vehicles being one of them. They are already being heavily applied in bikes, cars, trains and aeroplanes among other means of commuting. But have you heard about bicycles being made with bamboo? A company named ‘Boo Bicycles’ combines the best of both aluminium and bamboo – two of the most sustainable materials used for building and construction – to create bicycles for high-end biking enthusiasts, racers and urban commuters. Why and how are they doing that? Let’s find out! Boo Bicycles was a venture founded in the summer of 2012 by James Wolf, Nick Frey, and Drew Haugen on Kickstarter. With a goal of raising $50,000 as base capital through crowd-funding, they eventually collected more than double their target which got things rolling for this innovative start-up!  Why use bamboo out of all things? To begin with, it is not just any o