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How the humble (aluminium) 'can' changed the world!

The humble Aluminium can. What's so special about the ubiquitous can? We start our story with a simple question asked in the 18th century for a very complex problem at that time. The year is 1795. Napoleon declares 12,000 Francs to anyone who can devise a way of preserving food for his army & navy. For millennia, it had baffled even champion strategists and generals on how to feed the troops during a war. How does one supply (fresh) food to thousands of men across several inaccessible locations of battle without requiring to replenish the stock again and again? Stripping small towns and villages of its resources was not always a reliable option. So what could be a viable solution then? For 15 years, the money went unrewarded… until confectioner Nicolas François Appert claimed the prize in 1809. He experimented on the preservation of fruit in sugar jellies by sealing them in glass jars and heating them for varying lengths of time. But he could only claim the prize

Nostalgia, built in Aluminium – Hyperkin's Ultra Game Boy

Hyperkin's Ultra Game Boy The Game Boy is one of the most iconic video game consoles ever to have been invented. Introduced by Nintendo almost 28 years ago, the handheld marvel garnered a massive fan following with the youth and adults alike. Hyperkin, a retro console manufacturing company, has brought back the nostalgia and the fervour in a brand new avatar of the Gameboy. Codenamed Ultra GB, Hyperkin unveiled the console in a sturdy aluminium casing with all-new features and perfections in CES 2018, Las Vegas. It's about the same size, although this one comes with a LED display screen.   Aluminium Body Although the aluminium casing makes it slightly heavier than the original plastic version, it makes the console much more durable and classy. The model featured a blue screen at CES, however in future, one would be able to adjust the backlight colour to a number of diverse hues (including that classic yellowish-greenish palette of the very first Gam